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NYCFC to announce 2024 kit with black color scheme?

The new away shirt looks like the much-loved New York City 2015 away kit, which lasted just one season.

The 2015 NYCFC away kit was used for just one year | Courtesy

The Volt Kit, that safety-vest-orange away jersey New York City FC introduced in 2021, was retired in October after a two-year run. The new NYCFC away kit likely won’t be announced until mid-February – the Interboro Kit dropped on February 15 last year, the Volt Kit on February 18the year before – but the internets likes to get a jump on things, and Footy Headlines reports that the 2024 away kit will have a black color scheme.

A source who has seen the kit, and who will remain anonymous because of a confidentiality agreement, confirms that it’s black.

The source also confirms that it’s fire. 

Footy Headlines further makes their case by tweeting the 2024 Third Rail scarf and patches, which are black with blue and orange accents. The 2022 Third Rail scarf and patches, introduced the same year as the Volt Kit, were blue and orange. (They also give a deserving shoutout to @UKNYCFC, aka superfan Andrew “Barney” Barnard of Portsmouth, England.)

The black color scheme brings to mind NYCFC’s first away kit, a black shirt with sky-blue piping and an orange accent on the collar. Introduced in 2015, it was retired one year later when it was replaced by the hypo-kit. The black jersey was ranked the best NYCFC kit of all time by Hudson River Blue writer Charles Dunst in 2017, back in the early days of the club. New York City have worn another 12 jerseys since then, but in a purely subjective opinion, the 2015 away kit remains one of NYCFC’s all-time greats.

While this post is firmly in the “rumor” category, HRB has a solid track record of reporting leaked kits that prove to be real. From revealing the Parks Kit last year to the Volt Kit in 2022, our forecasts tend to be accurate. 

Just sayin’.