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NYCFC vs Chicago Fire Player Ratings

Our first-ever player ratings, as decided by our readers and audited by PricewaterhouseCooper, are now on the interwebs and can be viewed anywhere in the world.

Gabi is the first-ever Player of the Match as elected by HRB readers. Photo: NYCFC.

New York City FC player ratings are determined by Hudson River Blue readers — be sure to check HRB immediately following the final whistle of each game to fill out the player rating form for that match.

Here are the ratings from NYCFC’s disjointed and timid 1-1 draw with Chicago Fire at Solider Field on Saturday, March 4, 2023:

Starting XI

Talles Magno – 5.5

NYCFC’s square-peg-in-a-striker-shaped-hole didn’t take a shot all night. It’s not all is fault: The midfield forced him to retrieve the ball in the defensive third. Still, our readers gave MLS’s first box-to-box striker a poor 5.5; HRB contributors awarded him an even more dismal 4.8. 

Gabriel Pereria – 8.0

The one bright performance in an otherwise lackluster night belongs to Gabi and his glorious, impeccably-placed shot. HRB’s contributors gave him an 8.2.

Matías Pellegrini (off at 73’) – 5.0

The No 10 experiment will likely come to an end for Matí after a game that earned him a 5.0 from our readers, and a 5.6 from our contributors.

Andres Jasson (off at 68’) – 5.0

A surprise pick for the Starting XI, Jasson had a few flashes that brought back memories of his play in 2021, but he was mostly muscled off the ball by a physical Chicago Fire. HRB’s contributors gave him a Talles Magno-like 4.8.

Keaton Parks – 5.8

He might be one of the best box-to-box midfielders in MLS over the past several seasons, but Keaton has yet to find his groove this year. Our contributors have him a 6.4, which might be higher than what our readers feel he deserves but it’s still well below his standards.

James Sands (off at 73’) – 7.1

The Guy from Rye was slotted into the Starting XI just a few days after flying in from Scotland, and put in one of the better performances of the night. Even then, the 7.4 from HRB contributors doesn’t exactly speak to a tactical masterclass. 

Maxime Chanot – 5.7

The veteran center-back looked lost for most of the game, and fluffed his chance at redemption his oh-so-simple header into an open net went flying over the bar. HRB contributors gave him a more forgiving 6.4.

Thiago Martins – 6.2

We’re waiting for the Maxime/Martins center-back chemistry to appear. Until that happens, the Brazilian was given a non-DP-level 6.0 from our contributors. 

Mitja Ilenič (off at 90’) – 7.2

The 18-year-old did well in his first MLS start, holding his own on the right in the place of an injured Tayvon Gray. But our contributors expected more, and gave him a 6.8.

Braian Cufré – 5.9

The new signee from La Liga has made two starts in two games, annnnnd maybe it’s time to give Kevin O’Toole a shot. HRB’s contributors gave him a 6.2

Luis Barraza – 6.4

Our readers didn’t think much of Barraza’s distribution from the back, which too often consisted of blasting the ball over the top. Could Matt Freese be that much worse? HRB contributors thought he put in a decent performance, and gave him a 7.2.

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Thiago (68’) – 5.5

Physical, fast, and technical, Thiago could be the answer to NYCFC’s attacking questions, but the 22-year-old simply isn’t making a case for himself. His disconnected play earned him a 6.0 from HRB contributors. 

Santiago Rodríguez (73’) – 5.7

NYCFC’s new No 10 – and newest Designated Player – will be one of the keys to a successful season, but Santi simply didn’t have it tonight. Let’s chalk it up to his midweek flight from Uruguay to rejoin the team, and count on his earning a higher rating in future games than the 6.2 given to him by HRB contributors on this night.

Justin Haak (73’) – 4.8

The Homegrown midfielder has become something of a lightning rod for NYCFC’s poor performances. Readers didn’t think much of his time on the field, and gave him the second-lowest player rating on the night. But HRB’s contributors saw a solid performance, and gave him a 6.6.

Stephen Turnbull (90’) – 3.9

A temporary signing from NYCFC II, the central defender was brought on as a last-minute defensive substitute — and promptly committed a foul that allowed Chicago to take a set piece which came dangerously to winning the game. Maybe it was nerves? HRB contributors don’t think he’s ready for prime time, and gave him a 3.0.

Head Coach

Nick Cushing – 5.3

The NYCFC gaffer continues to play Talles Magno as a striker, and decided to give Jasson the start: No bueno. Even less bueno was when Chicago scored their goal off a set piece deflection just minutes after Cushing subbed in Santi and Haak. Do we hear echoes of the 2022 MLS Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals, when Philadelphia ran away with the game right after Cushing’s substitutions? HRB contributors gave the head coach a rating of 4.4.

Player of the Match

Gabriel Pereria

He shoots, he scores. We’ll take 32 more of these performances, please.

Filip Duijc (Referee) – 5.4

No major mistakes or gaffes from the ref will get you a shrug in this business. Our contributors gave Duijc a thankless 5.2.

Kevin Egan (Apple TV Announcer) – 4.4

The play-by-play announcer worked for Chicago in the past, and he could barely hide his pro-Fire bias. Eagan downplayed NYCFC’s better moments, and his voice leapt an octave when Chicago went on the attack. Will all Apple TV games sound like you’re tuning into the opponent’s broadcast? Or was Egan particularly unprofessional? Our contributors gave him a pitiful 4.2 — only Trumbull had a worse night. 

Kyndra de St. Aubin (Apple TV Announcer) – 4.3

While de St. Aubin wasn’t as partisan as Egan, she cheerfully followed his lead, leaning into the Chicago rah-rah and all but pulling for the Fire to win. She needs to do better next time, and remember that the fans of both teams are watching. HRB contributors gave her a poor 4.6.