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NYCFC vs Philadelphia Player Ratings

New York City FC player ratings are determined by Hudson River Blue readers — here are your NYCFC player ratings from NYCFC’s humbling by Philadelphia Union in their first home loss of the season.

Starting XI

Richy Ledezma (off 62′) – 5.5

He took one for the team on Pereira’s goal in what certainly would’ve been a pen if not for the Brazilian’s tidy finish, but that wasn’t enough to win over HRB readers who are understandably frustrated with the result. Despite a decent day at the office for Richy Ledezma, he walks away with just a 5.5 from readers, and a much more favorable 7.5 from FotMob.

Santiago Rodríguez – 5.2

He was influential in the build-up leading to New York City’s first-half tally, and looked creative sporadically throughout the match, but we haven’t seen Santi takeover a match in some time now. FotMob handed down a 6.9.

Gabriel Pereira – 7.3

On the bright side, Gabriel Pereira is pretty freakin’ good, isn’t he? He looked dangerous from minute one, and is emerging as our best attacker by some distance this season. His goal was well taken, and was unlucky not to double his tally when he struck the crossbar on another impressive effort before halftime. FotMob agreed with HRB readers, and gave him an impressive 8.6.

Andres Jasson (off 62′) – 4.3

Why did head coach Nick Cushing start Andres Jasson over Talles Magno? Officially it was because of a slight injury to Talles Magno, but it feels like there some locker-room tensions were being expressed in this lineup card. Because of that Jasson made his third start in MLS league games this season — he’s fast approaching the four starts registered last year, and we’re not even at the midway point of this campaign. FotMob gave his performance a 5.9.

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Keaton Parks – 4.9

Keaton Parks can be a frustrating player at times, in part because of how influential he can be when he’s at the top of his game. Yes, he had some really bright moments on the night, but he had some brutal turnovers to go along with it as well. FotMob wasn’t particularly impressed either, giving a 6.8.

James Sands – 5.1

An uncharacteristically flat performance from James Sands in my opinion. While usually so reliable in and out of possession, Jimmy just looked a bit off it all around tonight. It happens. FotMob agreed, giving him a 6.4.

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Maxime Chanot – 4.9

While it was a stronger showing for Maxime Chanot than it was for his Brazilian counterpart, this was far from Chanot’s best game in NYCFC’s colors. Sometimes he just looks a step slower than the opposition. When he’s playing well, his intelligence and defensive instincts combined with his on-ball capabilities can cover for that dwindling athleticism. But when he’s not having his best night, we may see more scorelines like this one, unless Martins can step up his game significantly. FotMob gave him a 6.0.

Thiago Martins (off 55′) – 2.3

I’m not going to sit here and pile on more pain to what was already a really difficult night for our Brazilian DP. But it’s my duty to summarize his performance, so I’ll call it like I see it here: Thiago Martins needed to do much better on the first goal, where he severely misread the flight of a standard long ball that lead to Philly’s first. Then, his concession of a penalty in the second half compounded his difficult evening, giving Philly the all-important third goal while injuring himself in the process. He was substituted in the 55th minute as a result, and was apparently in some significant pain according to Nick Cushing. We wish him a speedy recovery. FotMob issued him a team-low 5.5.

Kevin O’Toole – 3.6

Kevin O’Toole is clearly in this side for his attacking capabilities, which I think he showed in flashes on Saturday. But, his defensive lapse at the end of the first half really cost NYCFC. For me, he has to know better in that situation and pick up Julián Carranza’s run through the middle. He was wide open. FotMob gave the young American a 5.8.

Tayvon Gray (off 86′) – 3.4

A last-minute switch due to a warmup injury to Mitja Ilenič saw Tayvon thrust into the startling lineups just moments before kickoff. Unfortunately, I think many fans may have preferred the Slovenian’s services on the day, as Tayvon struggled in possession as he has in recent weeks. I’d rather see Tayvon in a center-back role going forward, as his defensive capabilities are clear for all to see, but his ability to link play down the right side does not seem to be improving over time. FotMob gave the homegrown a 6.9.

Luis Barraza – 3.8

Fans continue to voice their frustration with this goalkeeper, which continues to puzzle me. I’m not sure what you all expected Louis to do about any of those Philly goals: Two point-blank uncontested efforts from 10 yards out, and a penalty kick. I think Matt Freese is a great keeper and could easily be starting for this team, but if you think the goalkeeper was at fault for this result, I think you’re looking in the wrong places in search of someone to blame. FotMob handed down a 6.7.


Tony Alfaro (on 55′) – 4.6

Tony Alfaro got some valuable minutes under his belt coming in for an injured Martins in the 55th minute. We’ll see if the 29-year-old American’s services will be needed going forward as we wait for word on the extent of Thiago’s injury. FotMob gave him a 6.4.

Talles Magno (on 62′) – 4.0

Cushing claimed to have left Talles out of the Starting XI due to injury, as the Brazilian has been dealing with “knee pain.” His 30 minutes of work bore no fruit, as Talles is still lacking confidence out there despite his classy assist last time out. FotMob gave him a 5.8

Gabriel Segal (on 62′) – 4.8

Gabriel Segal wasn’t able to replicate his performance from last week, but the NYCFC attack did look more dangerous after he came on with Talles Magno in the second half. Too bad it wasn’t enough. FotMob handed him a 6.2.

Brian Cufré (on 86′) – 4.7

Braian Cufré came on in the 86th minute for Tavon Gray as New York City haplessly chased two goals, but it was far too little and far too late. The Argentinian didn’t register enough minutes for a FotMob rating.

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Player of the Match

Gabriel Pereira

If there was one silver lining on the day, it was the performance from Gabriel Pereira.

He’s making a habit of such performances lately, as he’s pulling away from the pack statistically, and by “eye test” as NYCFC’s best attacker. I’m pretty sure that left foot needs to be registered in the state of New York, because that thing is practically a deadly weapon. Now, he just needs some of his attacking teammates to step up and join him, as he can’t do it on his own this season.

Head Coach

Nick Cushing – 2.3

While I’m not at all on the “Cushing Out” wave, I would say the seat is officially getting warm. A handful of banners could be seen around the stadium calling for his sacking, and his Twitter Q score is getting bleaker by the match.

He’s been calling for patience for some time, but fans are clearly running low in that department – they want results now, which is painfully understandable. Personally, I still think this is an issue with quality, talent, and leadership above all else. We could bring in 100 new coaches and it wouldn’t solve the fact that this squad is incomplete. Maybe we’d get that “new manager bounce” for a few matches, but I can’t imagine someone new taking this group much further than that just because they’re a new face in the dressing room.

Guido Gonzales Jr (referee) – 2.0

I’m genuinely surprised his rating is this high – I thought he was really, really poor on the night.

Seemingly every touch foul went the way of Philly, multiple attacks were brought to an end by clear tactical fouls that saw no cards issued, Thiago Martins’s challenge appeared to be out of the penalty area, and Gabe Segal was clearly brought down by Andre Blake. That’s just how I saw it. Was he the reason we lost? Not entirely, but in a game of fine margins like that I have to think it made some difference.

This is the lowest rating HRB readers have every handed to a ref, and that’s saying something.

Tyler Terens and Devon Kerr (Apple TV announcers) – 4.0

Tyler Terens wasn’t as loud as he’s been in the past, but the announcer still sounded like he was shouting at you in a noisy bar. The shift Terens and analyst Devon Kerr put in Saturday were yet another pair of disappointing performances on a night to forget.

Glenn Crooks and Matt Lawrence (NYCFC announcers) – 6.6

Only POTM winner Gabi Pereira was given a higher score by our readers. Enough said.