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NYCFC vs St. Louis City Player Ratings

A first time for everything: Referee Erick Lezama earned the highest rating on the night, and is your POTM.

It was a good night for replacement referee Erick Lezama | Jeff Le-USA TODAY Sports

New York City FC might have a new-look kit and a new-look squad, but the first matches of the 2024 season are giving us flashbacks. Two games, zero goals, a total of four shots on target. We hate to say it, but these dismal results are becoming too familiar.

What's worse, this NYCFC is stacked, at least on paper: Two strikers, two No 10s, more wings than what you find in a chicken bucket. Nobody goes to CITYPARK expecting to dominate St. Louis City, but this NYCFC should have given the hosts more trouble.

Instead, we were left praying for a consolation goal. Is it too much to ask for a nice run of play that ends with a clinical finish? Just something to give us a little hope.

We had no such luck, and your Player Ratings reflect that. This is why, in a Hudson River Blue first, the referee earned the highest numbers on the night.

That's right, according to you, the replacement ref from Nicaragua had a better game than anybody wearing the 24/7 Kit. (Such a good shirt btw.)

Read on for your NYCFC vs St. Louis player ratings, and why we decided to name Erick Lezama your POTM — which today is short for Personnel of the Match.

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