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NYCFC’s alleged 2019 “Parley” kit leaks

And it’s beautiful!


Since 2017, Earth Day has been recognized by Major League Soccer — in conjunction with Adidas and Parley for the Oceans — with each team being given a one-off eco-friendly kit that is made of recyclable plastics in order to “address marine plastic pollution.” 

The inaugural 2017 kits were white and gray, and were immensely popular among New York City FC supports (I personally wasn’t a fan of them, but it was for a good cause). The next year, MLS unveiled that the “Parley kits” would be dark gray and white. They were also quite popular.

This year’s Parley kit, however, might be my personal favorite. And it will be no mystery as to why.

Earlier today, Footy Headlines published a leak of all 24 MLS-Parley kits. And New York City’s is straight fire!

Oh yeah! This year’s Parley theme is navy blue and teal, and it works perfectly with NYCFC’s default color scheme. The kit itself isn’t too crazy, as it follows the basic Adidas design of three stripes on each shoulder, and nothing but the team badge and sponsor on the front. But sometimes, less is more. And this kit is proof of that. It is so nice, in fact, that I wouldn’t be opposed to the team making this an unofficial third kit for the remainder of the year! Highly unlikely, but a guy can dream.

Oh, and you know who is also wearing the same variation of the kit this year? You guessed it: the New York Red Bulls!

Unlike NYCFC, I doubt the Jersey Boys will be excited to wear this on game day. New York is blue after all!

Let’s go save some oceans, people!