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OFFICIAL: New York City FC reveals away jersey

The club revealed its away jersey after EA Sports leaked an image of it in its FIFA Ultimate Team game.


Late yesterday, a blurry image started making the rounds of social media. It was, purportedly, the away shirt for New York City. That image was discovered by people playing EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team game.

Several people claimed that it was a fake, but it became apparent that it was leaked accidentally by EA Sports. Incidentally, if you acquire the kit, you can’t actually wear it in the game; it shows up as an obfuscated image.

This afternoon, with scarce ceremony, the club made it official: New York City will wear black when playing away from home. In a terse tweet, the club revealed the away shirt, using the graphic above.

The result? A sleek, black uniform with sky blue and orange highlights. And early response from fans is overwhelmingly positive, unlike with the home shirt. About the only thing bad thing that anyone can say is that it’s not available for purchase until “early 2015”. Presumably, that would be during Jersey Week in February, when the league’s clubs reveal what they’ll be wearing during the upcoming season.