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Oppo Research: 5 Things about Charlotte FC

Daniel Bramlette of the Charlotte Soccer Show tells us about Charlotte FC's struggles and offensive issues — and why Patrick Agyemang could be the X-Factor.

Patrick Agyemang will likely be used as a super-sub this weekend against New York City | Courtesy

In this edition of Oppo Research, Hudson River Blue spoke with Daniel Bramlette of the Charlotte Soccer Show to learn more about Charlotte FC, New York City FC's opponent on Saturday for the second time this season. Here is your NYCFC vs Charlotte preview.

1. Inconsistent, poor mentality

Hudson River Blue: Charlotte has struggled with consistency this season. It beat Columbus and drew Cincinnati but lost to New England, and was dominated by Minnesota at home. Is the team’s inconsistency because of adjustments under new head coach Dean Smith?

Daniel Bramlette: It could be an adjustment issue, but I think it’s tougher to nail down in reality.

We have inconsistent reasons for our inconsistency, if you will. I think the team is fully bought into Dean’s system, but each time we lose badly, it’s been more down to mentality and just “not showing up on the day.” Add in a couple of injured starters and a few dicey referee decisions and we have definitely struggled to build momentum and a winning streak.

2. Offense needs to be more selfish

HRB: Charlotte is 0-1-3 on the road and has only scored two goals away from the Bank of America Stadium. How can Charlotte find success at Yankee Stadium?

DB: We had just one shot on goal vs Minnesota, which was mostly an anomaly as chance creation has been ok in other games. Best bet in my opinion is to pepper Freese with a heavy volume of shots and hope a few go in. Oftentimes, our attackers have been too unselfish, so let’s fire away a little more early and often on Saturday.

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