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Oppo Research: 5 Things you should know about Toronto FC

We look the strengths and weaknesses of a Toronto that's one of the three best Canadian teams in MLS.

Remember him? | Courtesy

Hudson River Blue asked Tomas Karageorgos of Waking the Red to give us some friendly insight into Toronto FC, New York City FC’s opponent tomorrow night. Toronto are having a slow start to the season, but they have a history of making things difficult for NYCFC. Read on to see what Karageorgos had to say.

Hudson River Blue: Let’s cut to the chase: How’s it working out with Sean Johnson?

Tomas Karageorgos: Sean Johnson has been one of the standout players for the Reds thus far. If it wasn’t for some of his heroic saves during numerous matchups, TFC would have a lot more losses than draws. He has already equaled the clean sheet total of last season (three) in just nine matches. Adding a veteran MLS goalkeeper to your squad who has recently won the MLS Cup is a big upgrade in net compared to last season.

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