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Pitching Hudson River Blue

If you want to write for us, here are some things to keep in mind.


Hudson River Blue (HRB) is the SB Nation site devoted to news, analysis, and opinion concerning New York City FC. We are dedicated to covering the 20th Major League Soccer team -- and the first one located within the five boroughs of New York City.

Our readers are interested in the club, and everything associated with it. They are also interested in Major League Soccer, as well as the larger sport itself. They are well-read and discriminating—yet they don’t take themselves too seriously.

HRB's "voice" is journalistic and authoritative; it speaks to both men and women. We cover the team and the sport with a newsy, direct approach. Our community is composed of fans of the team, and people interested in the sport as it's played in New York City.


We absolutely welcome ideas from new writers! If you haven’t worked with us before, it’s best to start off pitching front-of-book ideas, even if you’re an established writer. Consider it an audition for a longer piece.

Please familiarize yourself with HRB and our articles. It’s difficult for us to say yes to your story -- regardless of how brilliant it is -- if it doesn't fit in with the site. Send us specific ideas for specific niches in the site (e.g., statistical analysis of matches).

You increase your chances of becoming a regular contributor if you 1) develop your pitch following the "voice" of the site, as well as following the format for regular columns on the site and 2) explain why we should be covering the proposed topic.

Example: "I think that the trend of possession-based, 'tiki-taka'-style soccer has reached its apex, and is now being effectively countered by teams willing to cede possession in exchange for being able to develop fast counter-attacks. I'm basing this on EXAMPLE 1, 2, 3."


We prefer pitches via e-mail. Our staff is small, so it may take a couple of days to get a response from us. If, after a week, you haven't heard from us, we welcome a friendly follow-up email.

Describe your idea in two to three paragraphs. Be sure to explain "why now" and tell us where the story fits into the site. Share a bit (just a few sentences will do) about your experience: What other publications do you write for (if any)? What story topics interest you most?

Please do not attach clips (we’ll request them if we want them); rather, sell us with great writing in your pitch. Even if your idea doesn’t "hit," if your pitch is well-packaged (specifically for HRB) and written in a compelling way, we’ll be impressed—and likely to keep you in mind for future assignments.

If you're ready to pitch us, email us at