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Write for Hudson River Blue

Interested in writing for us? Great! Here's what we're looking for.

New York City FC kicks off its first games in just a few months. But long before kick-off, the team’s been laying the groundwork for a successful inaugural season — whether it’s scouting players (and signing them), reaching out to the community, selling tickets, and so forth.

We’ve been doing the same thing behind the scenes here at SB Nation and Hudson River Blue. We want HRB to be a premier site for Blues news. We have needs across the board — and that’s where you come in.

What do you get out of it?

Well…not money. Let’s be clear about that right from the top. Nevertheless, as a long-time blogger (since 2001!), take it from me — everyone starts somewhere. If you look at some of your favorite writers and commentators, the odds are pretty good that they got their start as bloggers and writers writing about the things they love just for exposure.

Once they had that platform, they built up a following, and eventually, they became full-time writers. That’s how Bill Simmons got started, for instance (he was the Boston Sports Guy way back in the Internet’s Cambrian Era, when everyone from your aunt to your roommate was setting up Geocities sites).

If you want to be a writer, the only way to do that is to write. Write some more. And then write more on top of that. If you’re looking to do that, drop me a line (especially if you’re a journalism school student). If you’re passionate about soccer, and you want to guide the conversation — as opposed to just nodding along — this is the place for you.

Your qualifications

No getting around it: you have to be interested in soccer, and it really helps if you’re interested in New York City FC. It’s rare to have the opportunity to see a potentially world-class club at its creation. As the saying goes: journalism is the first draft of history, and we want to make sure we document this historic occasion right, and right from the start.

You need to be able to write. We can’t stress that enough. Whether it’s proper copy; proper grammar; or proper usage of words and phrases — all these things matter greatly.

But what if writing isn’t your cup of tea? That’s fine: there’s a place for you here. We need people to find and post news articles of interest to New York City FC. We also need to reach out to people on social media, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Instagram…the list goes on. We need people to moderate our comments sections, too.

In short: there’s a lot of things involved in making Hudson River Blue a finely tuned machine. The more help we get with making that happen, the better things will be.

So what do you need?

We need people across the board. Specifically:

  • Associate Editor(s) — This would be my right hand woman (or man). What does that entail? That means coordinating coverage, writing, scheduling, trouble-shooting, and generally making sure things are working well here at HRB.
  • Recappers — What the title suggests: you would be recapping the game for readers of HRB. There are 34 MLS games, plus preseason games, U.S. Open Cup games, and friendly games. All these games need recaps. We’d love to have a wide variety of voices involved, and the more, the merrier — because then we can reduce the workload. We can schedule these in advance. For guidance purposes, this is an example of a game recap.
  • Previewers — Same thing with the previews: you’re previewing the game for readers of HRB. I’m open to previewers and recappers handling the same game, but be aware that it’s more work. If you’re curious, this is an example of a game preview.
  • Recurring features — We’d like to have this as a feature of the site. Whether it’s a weekly "Power Rankings" looking at how teams stand in the league, a spotlight on a specific player (other than the Designated Players), a tactical look at the team — the list goes on. The good thing about recurring features is that once you’ve got a solid template, these don’t require a ton of effort, besides good research to support the piece. If this is something you’re nodding along to, this could be your role.
  • Feature writers — If you have writing chops, and you’re the kind of person that can drop 5,000 words without breaking a sweat or repeating yourself, then you’re probably a feature writer. Great to meet you; we’d love to have you come aboard.
  • Link bloggers — We’d love to have a regular "Blues News" post that collects links to all the news about NYCFC in one place, every day. This is a pretty straightforward role, and there’s tools that make this fairly simple. If you’re a New York City fan living overseas, this might be the gig for you.
  • Social media — We want to be active on social media right from the start. You don’t need to develop content, because it’s all going to be there. Your role is to promote it on social networks, and we’d love someone who is a social network native, preferably. If you say things like, "Twitter is just part of the global conversation" — hit me up.
  • Video — If you are a video editor or avid YouTuber, there’s a way to leverage your skills and the HRB platform. MLS has a wealth of video content, whether it’s on part of the team or straight from the league, and we should feature that.
  • Moderators — I cannot stress this enough; if we’re going to have an awesome community, self-policing won’t be enough. We’ll need people who can step in and keep things from getting out of hand — and that’s where you come in. If you’re the kind of person who’s respected and well-liked in comment sections, and doesn’t want them to become toxic cesspools of idiocy and jackassery, you’re a great fit as a comment moderator.
  • Swiss Army Knife — If you love advanced stats and want to write a weekly feature on some statistical observation, that rocks. If you love soccer jerseys, and want to discuss soccer fashion, I’m all ears. Are you a MLS Fantasy guru? Come on over. In short: if you have an idea, drop me a line, and let’s see if it’s workable. We won’t know unless we try, right?
We are on the precipice of history. Claudio Reyna, Jason Kreis, and the rest of the crew at New York City FC are building a team that will hopefully do New Yorkers proud right from the start. Wouldn’t you like to be part of a great crew writing that first draft of history?

You can let us know by email at When you write, please send any clips of articles you’ve written. If you don’t have clips, that’s okay. Everyone needs to start somewhere :-).