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Reader Poll

Reader Poll: Has your outlook on NYCFC’s season changed since last week?  

There’s been one brutal loss, but one big addition to the squad

Reader Poll: How will NYCFC fare this season?

Will New York City make the playoffs for the eighth consecutive year? Or will the rebuilt squad fail to find their groove?

Reader Poll: LAFC or Philadelphia Union?

Who do you want to win the 2022 MLS Cup?

The Red Bull Arena dilemma

Will the New York City FC faithful travel to New Jersey to watch their team play a "home" game?

Reader Poll: Which opponent do you want NYCFC to face in the playoffs?

Cincinnati? Miami? Columbus? Orlando? We ask you to choose.

Reader Poll: Campeones Cup or Hudson River Derby?

NYCFC logged two important wins in one week, and we want to know which one means more to you

Embrace the Pain: Which one of NYCFC’s last 5 results hurts the most?  

Think of this Reader Poll as a form a therapy, a way to process the pain.

Reader Poll Stadium Results: Build it in the Bronx

Mayor Eric Adams might be about to voice support for a soccer-specific stadium in Queens, but New York City FC want to stay in the Bronx

Reader Poll: Which stadium scenario is best for NYCFC?

The choice is yours: Should New York City FC build a new soccer-specific stadium in Queens or the Bronx, or renovate Ichan Stadium on Randall’s Island?

Reader Poll Results: Sign a new striker

NYCFC fans want the club to flash some cash on a goal-scorer after Taty Castellanos departs

Reader Poll: How should NYCFC replace Taty Castellanos?

We want to know what you think the club will do to fill those Taty-sized shoes

Reader Poll: Vote for your favorite Pride kit

This year’s Pride warm-up jersey is the third produced by MLS and adidas

The best NYCFC goals of all time

The votes are in: Here are the greatest goals in New York City FC history as selected by the readers of Hudson River Blue

Reader’s Choice: Vote for the best NYCFC goals of all time

You decide which are the best in New York City history: Polling closes May 30

Call for nominations: The best NYCFC goals of all time

What’s the best banger in New York City history? We want to hear from you.