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Reader Poll

Reader Poll Stadium Results: Build it in the Bronx

Mayor Eric Adams might be about to voice support for a soccer-specific stadium in Queens, but New York City FC want to stay in the Bronx

Reader Poll: Which stadium scenario is best for NYCFC?

The choice is yours: Should New York City FC build a new soccer-specific stadium in Queens or the Bronx, or renovate Ichan Stadium on Randall’s Island?

Reader Poll Results: Sign a new striker

NYCFC fans want the club to flash some cash on a goal-scorer after Taty Castellanos departs

Reader Poll: How should NYCFC replace Taty Castellanos?

We want to know what you think the club will do to fill those Taty-sized shoes

Reader Poll: Vote for your favorite Pride kit

This year’s Pride warm-up jersey is the third produced by MLS and adidas

The best NYCFC goals of all time

The votes are in: Here are the greatest goals in New York City FC history as selected by the readers of Hudson River Blue

Reader’s Choice: Vote for the best NYCFC goals of all time

You decide which are the best in New York City history: Polling closes May 30

Call for nominations: The best NYCFC goals of all time

What’s the best banger in New York City history? We want to hear from you.