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Stadium Saga

Brad Sims: NYCFC will be the undisputed flagship team of MLS

The President and CEO of NYCFC talks about building a Cathedral of Soccer in Queens and what it will take to turn New York City in to a Big Club. Plus: Long-term plans for a new training campus, a stadium for NYCFC II, and a women’s team

NYT Hatchet Job: Article cherry-picks facts in report on NYCFC stadium cost to city

The Newspaper of Record gets all hotted up that NYCFC’s proposed stadium won’t be subjected to property taxes — just like every other arena in the city

Did NYCFC just buy Queensboro FC?

We look at the connections between NYCFC, Queensboro FC, and York College.

Mayor Eric Adams makes it official: NYCFC will build a stadium in Queens

The mayor and other dignitaries announced that New York City FC’s 25,000-seat stadium will open in Willets Point in 2027


The New York Times reports that New York City FC will build 25,000-seat, $780 million soccer-specific stadium in Willets Point

Pep Guardiola to take over NYCFC?

Graeme Bailey reports that the celebrated manager is expected to stay with Manchester City until 2026, then could move to New York

Stadium at Willets Point? Queens Borough President says announcement is coming

In a live webinar the politician stated that with "the redevelopment of Willets Point" that "we’re going to have some announcements going on with...New York [City] Football Club"

NYCFC move playoff game from Red Bull Arena to Citi Field

The decision to play a "home" game in Harrison was unpopular with season ticket holders and fans

The Red Bull Arena dilemma

Will the New York City FC faithful travel to New Jersey to watch their team play a "home" game?

Home stadium uncertainty is holding back NYCFC

The unavailability of NYCFC’s preferred venues killed any hope for home-field advantage in the first round of the 2022 MLS Cup Playoffs

NYCFC to host playoff game at Red Bull Arena

New York City forced to play in New Jersey because of postseason schedules of Yankees, Mets

Home-Field Disadvantage: Red Bull Arena is no good for NYCFC

The club plays better on the road than they do in Harrison

New York City Nomads

A team without a stadium of their own that play across this soccer-crazy city may not be such a bad thing — if the club embrace it properly

Reader Poll Stadium Results: Build it in the Bronx

Mayor Eric Adams might be about to voice support for a soccer-specific stadium in Queens, but New York City FC want to stay in the Bronx

Reader Poll: Which stadium scenario is best for NYCFC?

The choice is yours: Should New York City FC build a new soccer-specific stadium in Queens or the Bronx, or renovate Ichan Stadium on Randall’s Island?

Mayor Eric Adams to announce NYCFC stadium in Queens?

The New York Post reports that the mayor supports a proposal to build a 25,000-seat soccer specific stadium near Citi Field

Could New York City FC play on Randall’s Island?

As rumors link NYCFC to Ichan Stadium, we look at the feasibility of playing MLS league games in the public park

Report: Does NYCFC paper trail lead to Bronx stadium?

The Outfield publishes fresh details on Harlem River Yards site, sets up New York City fans for more disappointment

Reading between the tweets: Will New York City FC announce a stadium soon?

Desperate fans notice recent Associate Partners of NYCFC are in construction, contracting, and concrete

NYCFC “home” stadium Power Rankings

While New York City couch-surf their way through another season, we rate all eight venues the team have called home

NYCFC move Orlando City game from Citi Field to Red Bull Arena

MLB schedule changes forces stadium-less NYCFC to play in New Jersey

NYCFC supporters asked to choose between stadium and MLS Cup

Win the MLS Cup or a home to call your own? You decide

Brad Sims: Building a stadium is number one issue for NYCFC front office

Exclusive interview with NYCFC CEO Brad Sims discusses the stadium, fan expectations, and why you don't negotiate real estate through the media

City Football Group have raised $650 million for NYCFC Stadium

NYCFC’s majority owners are ready to commit over half a billion dollars into securing a new stadium

New York Yankees President Randy Levine says NYCFC Stadium decision can be made in “30-60 days”

The Yankees president said on Forbes SportsMoney that the next two months are key to NYCFC’s stadium hopes

Signing Lionel Messi could be tipping point in NYCFC Stadium saga

The arrival of a living legend could be the bargaining chip City needs to finally get a home of their own

NYCFC to play remaining home games at Yankee Stadium

After months of needing to ground share with the Red Bulls in Jersey, the Boys in Blue will spend the remainder of the 2020 season back home in the South Bronx

REPORT: NYCFC to submit stadium plans in winter

A recent report from The Outfield states that City could submit stadium plans for public review as soon as this winter

Yankee Stadium could become available for NYCFC in possible Phase 3

The Boys in Blue could return to normal home this Fall

NYCFC return to play on August 20, will use Red Bull Arena for home games

The Blues will call New Jersey home for Phase 1 of the MLS’s return to play

NYCFC could play MLS games at team training grounds

With Yankee Stadium unavailable, club representatives are attempting to keep City in New York

NYCFC likely to not play at Yankee Stadium in 2020

Don’t expect the Blues to be back in the Bronx any time soon


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