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Stadium Saga

New report claims New York City FC is “close” to a stadium deal

According to the New York Times, NYCFC’s 7-year journey to procure a stadium on the Five Boroughs may be nearing a close

NYCFC announces four games at Citi Field

The Boys in Blue will play four regular season games in Queens during the 2020 season

The latest on NYCFC’s Bronx stadium proposal

City’s plan to build a stadium in the South Bronx has been received favorably by local residents

IT’S OFFICIAL: NYCFC to play Eastern Conference Semifinal at Citi Field

The Boys in Blue will play their first playoff game in Queens

Citi Field frustration thread

Let’s be pissed together

Should New York City FC and the XFL’s New York Guardians pursue a joint stadium deal?

The New York metropolitan area will be getting a new team next Spring. Could this be beneficial to the Boys in Blue’s stadium search?

REPORT: NYCFC Stadium deal “is done”

Is the club’s quest for a stadium finally over?

POLL RESULTS: NYCFC fans mostly optimistic about future stadium prospects

It’s not by much, though

POLL: Will NYCFC have a stadium within the next five years?

Rumors of the Pigeons having their own home are quickly spreading. But are people buying it?

REPORT: NYCFC plan to build new stadium in the Bronx

And the announcement could come this year...

Randy Levine: NYCFC Stadium Announcement Could Come “This Year”

The New York Yankees president expresses optimism that an NYCFC stadium announcement isn’t far off

Inter Miami are gonna get a stadium before NYCFC does


The Inside Story From NYCFC’s Stadium Focus Groups

Details are scarce, but it’s a start...

NYCFC to host focus group regarding soccer-specific stadium

The club will be gathering feedback from select fans regarding an NY-based stadium

The Issues With the Harlem River Yards Stadium

The proposed South Bronx stadium isn’t as ideal as one might think

NYCFC’s Patricof: Harlem Yards isn’t happening

Apparently it’s not an "active" site, whatever that means.

“Harlem River Yards” project to include NYCFC Stadium, report says

The $700M "mega-project" features a 26,000-seat stadium

New York Islanders reportedly set for Belmont Park

New York City FC will have to continue their stadium search elsewhere.

New York City FC, New York Islanders two remaining bidders for Belmont site

Both teams are set to meet with Elmont officials later this week.

This new rendering for an alleged NYCFC stadium site is both bizarre and fascinating

Don’t ask. I’m confused, too.

NYCFC will reportedly bid on Belmont property

The latest on New York City’s stadium saga may be cause for concern amongst fans

With Villa’s backing, Francisco Moya could be NYCFC’s man on the City Council

Would a win in today’s primary bring a stadium at Willets Point one step closer to reality?

Patricof: NYCFC stadium most likely in Bronx, Queens; nobody wants Belmont

The club President didn’t rule out a stadium deal getting done before the end of the year.

Get used to relocated home games

It’s a miracle that yesterday’s East Hartford announcement was the first of its kind for NYCFC.

NYCFC “home” game vs. Houston moves to Hartford

Blame the weather. Blame baseball. Either way, you’ve got a month to get it out of your system.

NYCFC stadium in Mt. Vernon? No thanks.

Mayor Richard Thomas’ $120 million plan is misguided and unresearched

NYCFC fans have to accept Yankee Stadium as long-term home

How political and business missteps have forced the Boys in Blue to embrace the South Bronx

Queens Borough Prez: “Let’s consider a soccer stadium at Willets Point.”

Melinda Katz has officially come out in favor of a stadium in Queens.

STADIUM WATCH: It's about to happen, folks.

On the heels of NYCFC's venue-focused fan survey and the Yankees' credit boost, the architectural firm Populous is making noise in New York. And their top man could be the one to answer all of our prayers.

Report: Is the NYCFC stadium search OVER?

According to an inside source, the Yanks ownership is gearing up for a big purchase, and it's got nothing to do with the Bronx Bombers' payroll.

Featured Fanshot

New York Times: Could NYCFC build their stadium at Willets Point?

The Queens neighborhood was targeted by the Bloomberg Administration for commercial development, but Mayor De Blasio isn't as bullish. Standing in the shadows of Citi Field, will NYCFC play matches one day at the Point?

Featured Fanshot

STADIUM SAGA: Don't give up on Aqueduct just yet!

News from Queens suggests that the Aqueduct Racetrack site, which sits upon 200 acres in the Ozone Park neighborhood of Queens, hasn't been entirely ruled out of NYCFC's stadium plans. Community leaders have expressed concerns about traffic and parking, but the door hasn't been slammed shut just yet, as previously depicted.


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