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Talles Magno makes "22 Under 22" list for second year

The 21-year-old lands at #12, falling nine spots from #3 in 2022.

NYCFC winger Talles Magno |

Moments ago, New York City FC winger Talles Magno was named to Major League Soccer’s “22 Under 22” list of the best players in the league under the age of 22. The Brazilian landed in the middle of the pack at #12. 

In the tweet above, it says that “@talles_magno2 has been key for @nycfc.” We’ll note that this is the second-worst season in New York City’s history, and that New York City are in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time since 2015.

This is the second consecutive year that Talles Magno made the list. Last year, Talles Magno was #3, behind only Jesús Ferreira and Thiago Almada. Both of those players featured in the 2022 World Cup for their national teams.

As any NYCFC fan will tell you, Talles Magno isn’t having the best year for NYCFC. The winger spent much of the season serving as a stand-in striker, and he never looked comfortable operating at the center of New York City’s attack. One of the most skillful dribblers in MLS, he only managed to score three goals in his first 25 appearances this season. After a some disappointing performances, Talles Magno spent most of July, August, and September starting on the bench.

But the 21-year-old returned to form in recent games. It might be the end of the season, but Talles Magno is starting to look the player NYCFC need him to be. 

Instant Reaction: Free Talles Magno

Or, as they put it on the MLS website, “Is he a striker? Is he a winger? The answer depends on who you ask, but one thing’s clear: Magno has boatloads of talent and might be the most skilled player on this year’s 22 Under 22 list. The Brazilian star is now in his third season with NYCFC and has produced 13g/13a in 78 games, showing flashes of being a $10+ million player – especially given the doors City Football Group can open in the global soccer world.”

The “22 Under 22” comes just six weeks after Transfermarkt named Talles Magno one of the ten most valuable players in MLS. He is the only player to make both lists.

Most valuable players in MLS: Talles Magno is #5

Interestingly, the pundits at MLS also consider Talles Magno as one of the most likely transfer targets in the next two windows. 

As Stefano Fusaro said on the MLS presentation of the list, “It’s not only about how much better the play on the field gets with these young players, but it’s also the business side of Major League Soccer.”



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