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Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale Review: Richmond, Until Goodbye

Ted Lasso figures out the offside rule in the season finale. Only took him three years.

Goodbye, Coach Lasso

Just wanted to get this out there: I honestly thought Ted Lasso would die.

Sorry to start my Ted Lasso Season 3 review on such a sour note. But after seeing the upbeat, optimistic soccer coach suffer panic attacks and seemingly be so isolated from his cherished son and estranged wife, relatively alone in London, I thought the negative emotions would consume him to the point of self-immolation, and eventual suicide. 

After all, I figure the reason there was no confirmed next season of “Ted Lasso” was because there would be, in fact, NO Ted Lasso left to be on it. 

Cheery, huh?

An awkward morning meeting kicks off Ted Lasso’s Season 3 finale — one of the greatest fake-out scenes in TV history. (Courtesy AppleTV+)

Thankfully, for today’s season finale (“So Long, Farewell“), Ted is STILL very much alive, and so are AFC Richmond’s Premier League championship dreams, as they trail Manchester City by two points in the final matchday. They’ll play Champions League football next season, but it’ll be without Lasso, as he decided to resign, and return to America to reunite with his son.

The episode guides Ted down the Yellow Brick Road, as the entire club says its goodbyes and thank yous as he gets ready for the final match against Rupert Mannion’s West Ham United. And all of the side storylines of the much-maligned Season 3 of “Lasso” get wrapped up nicely along the way.

The final episode, beat by beat…

Ted gets a final pitch from Rebecca to stay on with AFC Richmond. “If you go, I go,” she tells him. (Courtesy AppleTV+)
  • With AFC Richmond playing in the Champions League next season, Rebecca finds out the club is worth more than $2 billion. She convinces herself that she only wanted the club to piss off her ex-husband, and now it’s time to cash out with Ted leaving for America.
  • In a private moment, Rebecca tries one final time to get Ted to stay, promising him if he stays, she can give him the richest contract in the Premier League. He refuses, then she lets him know she’s selling the team at season’s end, and would like to travel the world.

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