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The Captain America Pre-Match Top: A good look? Or cringe?

It's mostly red, it should come with a seizure warning, and it's only available in youth sizes.


Yesterday, the first piece of merch dropped in the MLS + Marvel capsule collection that will be released over the course of the summer: Say hello to the Captain America Pre-Match Top, a warm-up kit that should come with a seizure warning. 

The limited-edition shirt is available with the badges of many – but not all – MLS teams. New York City FC made the cut. We posted the kit in a tweet, and your responses were spicy:

But why limit ourselves to a Twitter free-for-all when we can ask you to voice your opinions in a Reader Poll? Is the Captain America Pre-Match Top stylish or cringe? Will you spend your hard-earned Bitcoin on one? We’re dying to know.

Although those questions are mostly academic as the kit is only available in youth sizes right now — it costs $59.99 at the NCYFC webshop. Is this because of supply chain issues? Pinpoint marketing? We’ll never know. Although offering the kit in kid’s sizes has a certain logic to it since it looks like it belongs to a pajama set. 

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