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New York City FC: Join the Movement

The first promo video for NYCFC has Manchester City's fingerprints all over it.

Screenshot courtesy YouTube

This is the first promotional video for NYCFC. It’s a very well-done video, but Manchester City is all over this video, and it doesn’t dispel the concerns that many people have expressed over NYCFC potentially being a farm team for City. 

From my perspective, I think it would have been a much better idea for the video to feature actual New Yorkers playing soccer, rather than simply having some of City’s stars playing in New York City. The reason why they went with players like Jamie Milner and Vincent Kompany is obvious — they were already there (for the original team announcement) and it was simple to just film the footage, rather than going through the hard work of lining up players and native New Yorkers to feature. But I can’t help feeling just a little bit wistful that it was a missed opportunity.

If NYCFC is going to be one of the leading clubs in Major League Soccer, it’s critical that it develop its own identity, and the sooner it does that, the better.