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What’s the plan for Christian McFarlane?

It’s unclear what path NYCFC’s latest super-hyped Homegrown teenager will follow, and if he will get playing time in NYCFC’s first team.

He looks older than his years | Photograph courtesy

It’s been departure after departure this offseason for NYCFC, a winter that’s forced supporters to say goodbye to some of the most important figures in the club’s short history. Positive news for fans has been hard to come by, and signs increasingly point to a rebuild in 2023, and a youth-centric rebuild at that. As the roster continues to turn over by the day, what better time than now to ponder the future of the club’s latest super-hyped Homegrown teenager? 

I refer to the soon-to-be-16-year-old defender Christian McFarlane, whose profile has risen significantly since signing as NYCFC’s sixth Homegrown back in September 2021.

His fame levels skyrocketed around his December call-up to England’s Under-16 squad, where he featured in two wins over Turkey. Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano made a rare appearance in the world of MLS, tweeting that McFarlane had extended his contract with City Football Group despite interest from German giants Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund

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