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You’ll want to buy this shirt

The Doodle Sketch Tee from the NWSL's Washington Spirit is perfect.

Courtesy Washington Spirit

Twitter is a confusing place. At times it’s little more than a cesspool of bad takes, but then it can be the sort of creative and playful forum where something like the Doodle Sketch Tee can go from goofy tweet to “should we do it?” to ready-to-ship merch in a few days.

What, you might ask, is the Doodle Sketch Tee? It started off as a doodle posted by the Twitter admin of the Washington Spirit in the NWSL.

It seems the Twitter admin was going to town with doodle sketches that day:

But the doodle of the header by Washington Spirit forward Ashley Hatch resonated, and on Saturday the admin asked the public if they would buy it on a t-shirt. 

The answer was yes, and now the Doodle Sketch Tee is available at the Washington Spirit webshop for $34.99. The shirt is available in unisex adult and youth sizes. 

Now, will somebody please make a Doodle Sketch Tee of that majestic header NYCFC’s Keaton Parks scored against Nashville SC?